Born out of having more opinions and feelings about the Toronto Maple Leafs than friends who wanted to listen to them, Real Gud Pros focuses on the triumphs and trials of the Toronto Maple Leafs. Join Helen, Jensine, and Melissa every Monday as we talk games, news, social media, and other random hockey shit.


How can i listen?

Real Gud Pros is available to stream, subscribe, and review across the web at:

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who makes the podcast?

Real Gud Pros is produced by Melissa and is hosted by Helen, Jensine, and Melissa. You can learn more about the hosts over here


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We sure do! Check out our shirts, stickers, and more here!


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Niiiice. You can email us at, tweet at us @realgudpros, shoot us an ask on tumblr, or fill out the contact form